Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Realising or not, most of the time in our lives, we negotiate for something. With the parents, we negotiate to ask something while with our friend, we negotiate for activities that we want to do together. Actually, there are two primary kind of negotiation, distributive and integrative negotiation. The condition where the parties compete over distribution of a fixed sum of value is called as distributive negotiation. For example, the sales of cloth. The seller and the buyer both negotiate to get the best price. In this deal, relationship and reputation does not really matter.Compared with integrative negotiation, both parties corporate to achieve maximum benefits. The supplier negotiate to get the desired price while the buyer negotiate to settle for more flexible credit term. In the deal, it is a win-win situation. Both relationship and reputation are important for a long term.

To be a skilled negotiator, there are four fundamental concept that you should master. First, know your BATNA (Best Alternatives To Negotiated Agreement). BATNA is a backup plan in the absence of deal. So, if the negotiation fails you have something to fall back. For example, you ask for a car from your parentbut they refuse to give you because it is too expensive, you still can tolerate to have a motorbike. That is your BATNA. Second, is reservation price, the least favorable point at which one will accept deal. For example, you wont buy the cloth for RM40 if your reservation price is RM30. Sometimes, reservation price can be same with BATNA. Third, is ZOPA (Zone Of Potential Agreement). It is the set of agreement that potentially satisfy both parties. Usually, the end  of ZOPA of a person is their reservation price. Lastly, the value. By including the value in the trades both side will gain greatly.

How to make a deal? First, think about the good outcome would be for both parties. Then, identify the value opportunities, BATNA and reservation price also for both side.This is important to checking for relevant potential and opportunities. Also, anticipate the authority issue to strenghten the process. Besides that, learn all about the other side people and their culture, their goal and how they have framed the issue. So, we will not touch on their sensitivity. Also, be flexible in the process.Gather Internal Standard and Criteria Relevant to Fairness and lastly, alter your process in your favour. TQ..   

Monday, January 3, 2011



Each year around the world, almost 40 000 children are born by girls age 15 to 19. These girls may become pregnant as a result of varying situations. Many become pregnant because of early marriage, some during dating relationship while others become pregnant as a reslt of rape. While some of these pregnancies are celebrated with joy and happiness, others especially those of unwed mother are steeped in shame and prejudice. This situation gives more depression that led to baby dumping. Baby dumping is the act of abandoning unwanted baby anywhere without taking care of the baby. Recently, there are lots of reports of babies found buried, dumped in the dumpsters or wrapped in the plastic bags and thrown in the river. Although this action is very immoral, but newborn babies are still being left. So, how to prevent this action from continously happening?

Most of the time, Malaysian parents are shun about speaking to their children about sex and sexuality because they think that the topics are out of bond to the young people. But teenagers they are very curious about the relationship and emotions to the other gender. So, they tend to find the information from peers, internet, movies and magazines that are over romanticized and scetchy at best. This mostly led them to commit adultery and ended with unwanted pregnancy. So, as the nearest person to the teenagers, parent should give them full attention to their children by providing them education and guidance while encouraging them to share their mind and thought so that they will have more knowledge in helping them making appopriate decision later on. This also will prevent htem from having access to such material online. This without realise give them false idea about sex.

Besides that, in order to prevent the mother from dumping the babies, they need to have a place to go to seek for help and and advice or someone care for them so that they do not feel that they are judged and persecuted just because they are having unwanted babies. Building special help center especially for these young mother might provide the lifeline they need as they are ina very desperate condition. During the care, they can be given a counselling and motivation to help them to start hte new life. They can also be taught on hoe to take care of the baby with the intention that it can help to flourish the love of the mother towards the baby. However, if they dont want the baby, there are loads of family out there looking for adoption.

Some of hte kids may not have a solid family or religious foundation to help them, but we can surely give them education in school. Sex education should not be treated as a taboo but introduced to combat the issue instead. A comprehensive education about human physical and health education program, emotion and relationship, reproductive right and responsibilities and other aspect of human sexual behaviur can be inserted into the syllabus. For hte primary school, they can be taught about hte relationship and the sensitive part of the body while for the secondary school, they can be taught about the other things that are more complicated. By this way, they can open up their mind so that they will be more aware to the emotion changes within themselves and becoming more mature to cope with it.

As a conclusion, baby dumping problem can be reduce if all of the society aware of the consequences in the future and together do our best to prevent it from continuing. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


On Monday we have been arranged for a mock interview conducted by En. Abdullah and En. Farouk. But before that, we have been givena a tips and advice about what the question that are usully askedand how to answer their question in a right way.

Besides that, in a group, we are given a task to think and find the most difficult question and answer. Each group have to present it in front  En. Abdullah and En. Farouk and after that they give a comment foe improvement.

Each of us had been interviewed and I had been interviewed by En Farouk. By this interview I have understand how is it in the real situation. He also ended by giving me some advice to improve my English, to stay focus on the interview and do not talk about unnecessary things and be calm in answering the question. Eventough, I didn't do very well, but I feel very satisfied with the interview and I will try my best to become a good one... TQ 


Finally, the day has arrived!! On the friday, we got to do the grooming session with Madam Leilanie. Were been teaching about how to dress profesionally but yet still simple and exclusive without having to waste a lot of money. we also are been teaching about manner.

To look beautiful all we need  is just effort, effort and effort and of course with the help of money and time too. Try to choose suitable cloth for work. Ladies, no overdress of course. Baju kurung for example, the color should not be too bright as it will attract very much attention while the pattern should be minimised so it will not seen as too glamor.  For a suit, not more than three color is allowed.

The make up is a must for working.At least, apply lipgloss and maskara to make sure that hte face is not too pale. Hygene also should not be forgotten. The beuty is not only defined from the outside but also from the inside. Always remember, THE FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What you gonna do if you are given 30 million dollar?

This is the most exciting task that are even given to us because we got the opportunity to think, think, think and think what we are going to create with the money that can give the benefit for the future.
My group, pecah mental has come out with a n idea to create an artificial petroleum. Actually this idea was given by one of my team member, Nazreen.  He was inspired when he watched the national geography program about synthetic diamonds. 

The synthetic diamond produced by using high temperature and high pressure to a carbon. Same goes with the production of artificial petroleum, high temperature and pressure needed.

All of us know that petroleum are produced from the hydrocarbon contained in the organic compound, so, we made a decision to use agriculture waste that are very abundant and easy to get. At least, we can save the environment too..hehe

After this, we have to present our final proposal at the end of our class. I hope that our proposal is accepted by all the judges with joy and glad.. 

That's all.. TQ


Monday, December 13, 2010


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When 2 or more people had a talk together legally, it is called as meeting. There are 2 types of meeting that is public and private meeting. The reason for meeting is the same, just to obtain the good result. The difference is on the person who have an access to it.

For a meeting to be validated by law, it must be properly convened, constituted and held. Besides noticing the person involved with the notice, all the content should be accurate to prevent ambiguity.

The right choice of chairman is very crucial to ensure that the meeting is properly constituted besides ensuring the number of quorum is always enough to making votes. If the chairman fail to ensure the meeting is properly held, it is called as failure.

Besides all the listing above, there is a lot of things that should be consider when organising a meeting such as the agendas, quorum, minutes and resolution.

If there is a problem in the process of meeting, it can be properly adjourn, postponed and cancelled.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Blogging is the way of communication nowadays. More and more people turn into blogging as they found out that by using blogging they can communicate and share opinion with each other about things that they really like. In order to interact they must have their own blog so that the process of get and give will be much more easier. But, for the new bloggers, reaching an audience can give a very big problem. Follower is a must for every blogger so that they are not very lonely in their own blog and it will be a very sad thing.

The first thing that may attract audience to visit your blog is by the layout and the design. The blog with a very cool background,  a clear writing and a handy gadget may attract people to stop and read what is the input that they are discussing about. If they found that topic is interesting enough for them, they might join the discussion and eventually become one of your follower. Even the topic of the discussion is not one of their interest. After they have seen the effort that you have made to create such a lovely blog, they may try to know you better and may jump into become one of your follower.

Anothing things that have to be take into priority is the topic of the discussion. We are allowed to write everything that we like in our blogging but remember to write everything in a very clear writing and a very good manner. Never ever write something that touch the sensitivity of other religion that it might make someone hate you . a good post and comment is shown in a good communication skills. So, always visit the profesional blogsite to improve the way of communication.

To make someone notice you, leave on any comment on the others blog and be their follower so that they know your present and try to track you on your blog and become your admirer. You can also put a link to other social network  as facebook and twitter so that they can find it more easier to open and access.

All this should be practice in order to gain more follower. TQ.. 


Dulu, masa kecil bila dengar cuti apape je terus jadi excited, happy sangat sebab masa ni la ada peluang nak ajak parents g jalan2, g holiday 1 family, manja2 ngan diorg..

Skarang, bila dah besar sket, dah g blaja jauh2, semuanya ngan kawan2, asal cuti pun g holiday ngan kawan2 je, dah x rasa excited nk klua ngan parents..

Tp remember, waktu ni jugak la bila kita dah besar parents kite rasa rindu plak nak manje2 ngan kite, nak keluar luang masa n manja2 ngan kita mcm yg kite penah dulu2.. So, always remember diorang walau di mana kita berada SEMENTARA DIORANG MASIH ADA..

dedicated to my parents... waaaaa,,, rasa rindu la plak kt mak ayah..


"Flying Without Wings" 

Everybody's looking for that something
One thing that makes it all complete
You'll find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be

Some find it in the face of their children
Some find it in their lover's eyes
Who can deny the joy it brings
When you've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You'll find it in the words of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry

You'll find it in the deepest friendship
The kind you cherish all your life
And when you know how much that means
You've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

So, impossible as they may seem
You've got to fight for every dream
Cos who's to know which one you let go
Would have made you complete

Well, for me it's waking up beside you
To watch the sunrise on your face
To know that I can say I love you
In any given time or place

It's little things that only I know
Those are the things that make you mine
And it's like flying without wings
Cos you're my special thing
I'm flying without wings

And you're the place my life begins
And you'll be where it ends

I'm flying without wings
And that's the joy you bring
I'm flying without wings

Lagu ni bagi makna yang sangat mendalam dalam diri aku sebagai seorang manusia yang sentiasa dalam kelalaian.. Kita selalu je pikir susah2 macam mana nak cari bende yang konon2 akan dapat melengkapkan kita tp kita sendiri pon xsure apekah bendenya itu. Tp kita xpernah nk hargai bende yang ada kt sekeliling kita yang SEBENARNYA sedang membina diri kita sekarang... Apape yang ade di sekeliling kita sekarang, family, kawan, sedara.. hargailah diorang kerana dorglah sekarang yang membawa korang kepada apa yang korg capai sekarang :)

Friday, December 3, 2010


today is my first day on blogging..
feel so excited about this..
hope can share this with everyone!!!